Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Book Week 2013

No completely handmade costumes for book week this year, only partial bits and pieces. I really wanted the kids to be a part of making their costumes this year too. Not just telling me what they wanted me to sew. 

Caden went as Where's Wally. He helped with his shirt, which was just a short sleeved white top we had on hand and we coloured in red stripes.

He helped with the pom pom on his beanie too. The beanie was a cut up old white shirt and some red felt I had on hand. The down side of living remotely. You need to be more resourceful, no just ducking into the local craft store...

And he helped B make his walking stick, that was made out of newspaper and duct tape! And I think it was all made just they way it should be, with the kids making or helping make their costumes. 

And well Mahli wanted to be Rapunzel. Easy since we already had a Rapunzel dress up and she helped cut the wool to make her wig. It's not the best wig, but she helped make it and that's what counts. 

Do your kids help make their costumes too? 


  1. Well that's one fabulously luscious wig anyway :)

  2. Hi,

    I love the semi-DIY costumes! My oldest daughter was Rapunzel last year, and my youngest daughter was Pascal. I DIYed my way through it, too. It's the most recent DIY post on my blog.

    - Erin


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