Monday, July 28, 2014

Pregnancy Update: Week 29

29 weeks! I had a check up with my GP and boy did that check up put a smile on my face all day! My BP was fantastic and even thing is going along great. That may not mean much to some, but with my history of pregnancy induced hypertension AND pre-eclampsia I'm ecstatic!
He did mention that I am still measuring big for my dates and upon checking the baby's position declared that this baby might be my biggest yet! The baby is also head down too.

I'm not to worried about the size, I've had the same comments for all three of my previous pregnancies, although I'm thinking about requesting a growth scan at my next appointment...

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The week that was

1. Ollie the poser
2. Back to school baking
3.My Granny has been knitting for the new baby
4. I pulled out all my scrapping supplies and did a few new pages for my scrapbook. I'm sharing them over at ASWC soon.
5. We are finally back at soccer training after a long break for the holidays
6. I finished the babies blanket
7. Ethan was less than impressed by our Sunday morning soccer games
9. I made a huge stack of burp cloths for the baby
10. Ethan's crochet blanket is getting bigger.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Pregnancy Update: Week 28

I fell behind AGAIN! Infact this is the first post I've written in a week. You would think that now that school holidays are over I would have more time, but sadly no. I'm chasing my tail more than ever.

Anyhow a not much happened in week 28 anyway...

I needed an anti-d injection since I have a negative blood type and B has a positive one. I had to take Ethan and Mahli along to the hospital for the injection. They thought it was hilarious that I didn't get the needle in my arm... They couldn't stop talking about it for days afterwards.

Now lets see how long it takes me to post a week 29 update seeing as I am already 29 weeks...

Friday, July 18, 2014

Lately at ASWC- Baby related crafting!

I haven't shared what I've been doing over at ASWC lately and thought I better share it now.

I've been sharing my pregnancy album pages:

See I may have been reasonably quiet around here. But I've been busy over there! 
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