Sunday, September 2, 2012

DIY: Photo Tile Coasters

For Father's Day we went the handmade diy route (no surprise there really!) and they were a hit.

We decided to make some Photo Tile Coasters and the great thing about this project? I had everything on hand! So it was great for the budget too.

I used this wonderful tutorial as a guide but I changed a few things to suite us.

We used some floor tiles we had in the shed from when we built the house and cut them in 4.
Then I selected some photos of the three kids and re-sized them, converted them to black and white and then printed them out on normal printer paper.


Then they fun began with some Mod Podge!

We glued squares of felt to the bases and then tied some twine around them and ta da, they were complete.

I would have liked them more if we were able to cut the tiles better, but we are still learning how to use the nifty tile cutter my grandfather lent us.

The kids loved making them and have already told me that we need to make some more.

Did you give handmade gifts for Father's Day?

1 comment :

  1. What a great gift. How strange that in the UK Father's Day is in June. I have heard about Mod Podge - it looks really fun.


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