Friday, January 1, 2016

How To Purchase Doterra Oils

There are three ways to purchase products with doTERRA- 

1. Retail Customer- no fee involved. You just pay the full retail cost. 

2. Preferred Member account- You pay a $10 lifetime membership fee and receive- 
20 Percent off retail value 

Receive product credits by participating in the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) to use toward purchasing product 
May participate in the Product of the Month Club 
Purchase product online with Preferred Member ID
Receive SRP points when participating in the local Shipping Rewards Program (SRP)
May participate in select corporate promotions 
May upgrade to a wholesale (Wellness Advocate) account for $25.00 at any time 
• As a Wellness Advocate, you can purchase products at wholesale pricing (25 percent off retail), participate in all corporate promotions, and have the potential for earning. 

3. Wholesale Member/Independent Product Consultant/Wellness Advocate (recommended for best value for product users and business builders) -
The cost to open a wholesale account is $35.00 (start-up fee) plus tax and shipping.
All wholesale accounts come with a free business website and virtual
back office where you can place orders, track orders, access product
information and business building tools. The only obligation to keep your
wholesale account active so you can continue to enjoy 25% off on
all dōTERRA products is you must place one order per year (no set
amount) and there is a $25.00 per year renewal fee, but dōTERRA
sends you a free 15ml bottle of their delicious Peppermint oil to offset
the cost.
The optimal way to begin your journey into a life renewed with Essential Oils is to purchase an Enrolment Kit.
With an enrolment kit purchase you do not have a $35.00 start-up fee.
Advantages of opening a dōTERRA wholesale account:
▪ 25% off retail prices on all dōTERRA products
▪ Cheaper than a Costco/Sam’s membership, plus you get money
back (commissions).
▪ Track and place orders through your own private virtual office.
▪ Take advantage of the dōTERRA opportunity, if you want to.
▪ Earn reward points for FREE dōTERRA products by participating in
the Loyalty Rewards Program
▪ Receive your own dōTERRA personalised business and shopping
website. No monthly fees!
▪ Free marketing tools and training provided by dōTERRA.
▪ Share the life enhancing power of essential oils with your family
and friends.
▪ Sponsor new consultants or customers and receive bonuses on
their product sales and their personally sponsored Consultant
product sales.
▪ Proven marketing system to help build your dōTERRA business.
▪ Enjoy the tax advantages of owning your own business.
▪ Be a part of a inspired group of Consultants dedicated in helping
you succeed.
▪ Brand new company, only 6 years old, timing is everything
▪ Highest quality essential oils in the world – Certified Pure
Therapeutic Grade 
▪ Make a real difference in people's’ lives
▪ Save money on doctor visits, hospital visits, co-payments,
prescriptions, etc.
Please keep in mind that with doTERRA there is no obligation, no commitment ever. There is no minimum that you must order in order to receive your 25% off. You do not have to sell anything ever in order to receive that 25% off. You can order a couple times a year, every month or however you chose to do it, you will still receive that 25% off. The membership is just $35, you will make that up in your first or second order of savings.
No matter what you do in doTERRA, you are free to do whatever works for you. Once you purchase your membership you can shop there as often as you like, once a month or once a year or never ever again if that is what you want. There is no long term commitment with dōTERRA either, no minimum purchase, just pure savings. 

And that’s not all — dōTERRA has what they call their Loyalty Rewards program where you will accumulate points when you make purchases. Each point equals 1 dollar, and with these points/dollars you can purchase FREE products!! After you enrol I will explain more about how that works.

If you are ready to purchase some oils or even join up please head here and I'll select the appropriate tab. And I'll be in contact to help get you started x

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