Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Sand, Sea and Emus- Lots and lots of Emus!

Beware: Photo OVERLOAD!

Last week we got a way for a nice break to Exmouth. We've been there before and it's a nice short drive for us compared to most other places we get to. And even though we've been there before we STILL haven't seen everything that there is to see there. This trip we checked out Turquoise Bay, The Turtle Center, The Lighthouse (again), Learmonth Jetty to go fishing, Bundegi Beach (B went fishing and the kids and I swam) and the water park.

We only had 4 days so we tried to fit as much in as we could without making us all exhausted. We also spent a fair bit of time at the caravan park pool. The kids love the caravan park we stay at and so do I! It's nice and central, the pool is great and it also has a restaurant!

And now we are trying to decide if we go back to Exmouth for the Christmas school holidays or head over to Coral Bay. It's a tough choice ;)

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