Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Sisterhood of The Traveling Book- Fangirl edition

I posted this list of the books I was planning on read in 2015 and then promptly didn't read any, that was until this past weekend when I finally read Fangirl in 3 days.

It was a good light read, I'm a little older than what the target market is being a young-adult novel, but it was the kind of read I needed, one that didn't require any thought and would leave me feeling warm and fuzzy.

And it did just that so that's where my idea to send it off to someone else so that they could experience the same warm and fuzzys and just enjoy a light read which is something that we all need sometimes.

So this is where the 'sisterhood of the traveling book' comes in.

All you have to do is comment below and then email me at amy @ andsewwecraft {dot} com to let me know your address and I'll post it off to you. Then you read the book and put a call out on social media for it to be passed on again. Please do pass it on after you've read it and then let me know that you've passed it on too as I'd love to keep track of where it is :)

I'd like us to write our names, Instagram handles and the date on the inside of the book too so we can all see where the book has been on its journey.

And please comment if you'd like to be included in future instalments of the sisterhood because I don't intend this to be the one and only.

UPDATE: I've decided to create a Facebook group to keep track of everything and so others can join in on the book swapping experience of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Book- Let's get books moving across the world! 


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