Thursday, September 10, 2015

My Top 5 Baby Sleeping Tips

I've been pretty lucky in the baby sleeping department. And yes LUCK is a big part of it. For some babies it just doesn't matter what you do they just struggle to go to sleep or sleep past one sleep cycle.

But here are a few things that I have always done with my kids to ensure we all get a decent block of sleep.

1. Ensure that the room that baby is sleeping in is a pleasant temperature- We have two things in Darcy's room the are able to tell us the temp. One is his baby monitor and the other is the room thermometer that came with his grobag sleeping bag. Both are pictured below.

 2. Use the room temp as a guide to dress baby- This can be tricky sometimes but over time you will be able to figure out what temperature and clothing your baby is comfortable at. At night D's room sits at around 25 degrees at bedtime, but quickly drops to 19-20 overnight so at the moment he is wearing a longsleeve romper and a 2.5 tog grobag. If I put him in a 1.0tog grobag he wakes from getting cold. We do use a 1.0tog grobag during the day now though since it's heating up here.

3. White noise is your friend- We have a small box fan in D's room that it switched on for all sleeps. It's even used in winter! I just make sure it isn't pointing towards him if his room is cold. This has been a lifesaver because the sound of the box fan drowns out the loudness that is our house.

4. Routine- I'm not saying that at 10am he must have a sleep and at 7pm he must be in bed for the night, but he knows that after he has had dinner, a bath and a small amount of nappy free time that it's time for his feed and then bed. Same goes for day time, we do things in the same order every day and then watch for tired signs.

5. The use of sleeping bags- this is linked to point number 1 and 2 but they are a lifesaver. We both get more sleep because I have never worried that he has kicked his blankets over his head and he never wakes up cold because he has kicked them off! I've always swaddled/wrapped my babies until around 4 months and then I transition them to sleeping bags. They are lots of reputable brands of sleeping bags on the market today (heaps more than when Caden was a baby almost 9 years ago!) but we have pretty much always stuck to Grobags because they are fantastic quality and have lasted so well. Darcy actually wears grobags that his big brothers and sisters wore.

So there you have it- My top 5 baby sleeping tips!

I really should apply those tips to myself so I can wake up as happy as this guy.

Do you have any tips sleeping tips for babies? 

What has worked for your family?


  1. Gro bags are the best. I've used them for both boys and will keep the little one in them as long as possible.

    1. I agree, grobags are the best with the love to dream bags coming in a close second.

  2. Routine is so important! Even now, at 4 and nearly 6, the kids know it's bath, dinner, books and bed. And heaven forbid the actual bedtime routine itself gets out of order....

  3. Oh yes, if the routine gets out of whack we all pay!


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