Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Minecraft Creeper Cupcakes

So Caden turned 9 today, NINE! And of course like most nine year old boys in 2015 he is obsessed with Minecraft and had requested to take some Minecraft cupcakes to school to celebrate his birthday with his classmates.

Well, he made this request and then I promptly forgot about it until the last minute. Yep, bad mum right here. But luckily I had some black and green fondant colouring in the pantry and hubby ran to the shops for me and bought me some roll out fondant. So once I had all the supplies these came together really fast.

I just used a basic chocolate cupcake recipe and this cream cheese icing recipe but omitted the cocoa powder.

Then I made some green icing and dyed the roll out fondant black and followed the steps in this youtube tutorial.

And here is how mine turned out-

They aren't perfect, but the birthday boy liked them and that's all that matters!

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