Friday, August 21, 2015

Taking Care of YOU

How do you take care of yourself when everyone needs something from you but there is nothing left to give?

Sometimes we just can't get a break from the kids and sometimes we need just that. It doesn't mean that you love your kids any less, but to be there for them and be the best mother you can be you NEED to do things for yourself occasionally (or often!)

Some things you can do that don't require leaving the house are:

  • Read a book
  • Make a cup of tea/coffee and drink it in the sunshine
  • Simply go outside- As above, sunshine will help!
  • Call a friend
  • Put on some cream/lotion- You'll be surprised how much this simple thing helps lift your mood.
  • Turn on some music
  • Take some time to enjoy your hobby- Lately for me that means picking up my crochet hook and making something. I'd like to be sewing but right now crochet is the most portable of my hobbies and I can do a little bit without having to pull a heap of stuff out. 

And above all please remember that you do not have to compare yourself to anybody else. It is OKAY to feel broken and defeated. We are only human. Just because someone appears to be managing it all, doesn't mean they are. 

Because honestly, at the moment I am more than tired – I am parenting on empty. I'm forgetting things like there is no tomorrow and my temper is shorter than short. But there are no sick days when you're a mum, there’s always more to do. But it's times like these when I really need to step back from a few commitments and take some time for me. Because if I don't everything WILL fall apart sooner rather than later. 
Have you been there too?  At that point when you finally break and see that you MUST take care of yourself?

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