Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday gratefuls

It's a tough one this week. B's away at the moment and he just came off 6 x 12-14 hour days at work so I've had very little adult time lately and very little help in the way of parenting BUT you gotta look on the bright side to get through sooo..

1. Caden and Mahli both did really well at their sports carnivals last week and I'm grateful that I could be there to see all of their events. I can only be there because B works those long hours, if he didn't I'd have to work too and I'd miss out on a lot of time with the kids.

2. Darcy's smile- I mean who can be in a bad mood when a baby grins at you from ear to ear and shows so much love to everyone.

3. Sunshine- It's something else that lifts my mood. I've been struggling lately. Forgetting things and just being generally run down. But sitting in the sunshine is good for the soul. Now if only I could throw in some sleep for the next few nights on top of the sunshine I'm sure I'd feel on top of the world. But 3:30am wake ups seem to be what I'm in for at the moment.

What are you grateful for?

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