Saturday, July 4, 2015

9 months

Well actually he is 9 and a half months now but he coincided turning 9 months with three weeks of screaming so I've barely had time to shower lately let alone write a blog post.

He now has 2 teeth and taunts me by sleeping through the night (wakes at 5ish) a few nights then has a week of nights full of overnight wakings in a row. Those nights wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't dwelling on the times when he did sleep through.

He loves to laugh at his siblings and adores them all. The feel the same about him, I am sure that will probably change when he starts getting into more of their stuff.

He isn't crawling yet, but has been rocking on his hands and knees for a few weeks. As I said, he likes to taunt me a lot :P

But even though he isn't crawling he does manage to get around by just rolling about the place. He is pretty fast too.

And that's pretty much what 9 month old Darcy is like- happy (apart from those hellish three weeks of screaming), full of laughs and interested in the world.

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