Wednesday, May 20, 2015

WIPS Wednesday

So at the beginning of the month I had grand plans to blog everyday in May with Cate but then I feel off the wagon big time. I went great for the first week and then the weekend came around and our weekends are BUSY so I thought to myself no worries, I'll just skip the weekend and then Monday came and I had sick kids at home for most of the week and then I had a huge to do list to get through and blogging was on the bottom of that list so another weekend went by and well I decided that blogging every day was a bit to much to expect of myself. Maybe 3 times a week is a more realistic goal considering I've also got posts to write for ASWC and so many other things that take up my time. 

And honestly, lately I'd rather be crocheting than blogging... Sorry!

Anyway, back to the point of what I was originally blogging about. And that's my WIPs, I have so many but I thought I would share my current once. 

Of course I am still working on my ASWC Crochet Along blanket. It's almost finished by the way! 

And then there is my gifts for the Gnome Swap

My swap needs to be sent in the next fortnight so I'm hoping to get it all finished this weekend. 

Then I might get to work on a few other WIPs I have sitting around... 

And Sew We Craft

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