Friday, May 1, 2015

Right Now

So in May I'm aiming to blog everyday and use Cate's prompts as a guide.

Today's prompt is right now... I did intend to get photo's over everyone today for this post but that's not going to happen because it's all systems go straight after school for soccer training and then when we get home it's straight into the dinner, bath and bed routine.

So here goes.

Me and B- B doesn't really like me talking about him here on the blog so I thought I'd lump him in with me. He's tired and working A LOT lately which means I'm tired from picking up the slack at home. But this is just a season and we will get through it. We are also busy finishing up the shed we are building and doing the back yard up which means that pretty much any 'spare' time B has is spent outside building, fixing and gardening.

C- His confidence is growing and he is really enjoying school this year. He is looking forward to the school sports carvinal at the end of this term.

M- she received a merit certificate at school yesterday and is really proud about that.

E- He is counting down until his birth that is 2 months away. He tells me that 2 months is too long.

D- is a really happy chappy at the moment and he vocalising a lot lately which is pretty dang cute.

What's happening with you right now?


  1. Thanks for joining in! They all look so happy, and a new shed sounds like fun

  2. Just popping over from Cate's blog - nice look at your family right now!


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