Friday, May 8, 2015

My Happy Place

So todays prompt was where do you go to clear your head? Well I don't really go anywhere, I simply pick up my crochet hook. This is only a reasonably recent thing for me and it works really well because it allows me to clear my head and not actually have to leave the house. Which at this time in my life it tricky at times. 

So how do you clear your head? 

{life behind the purple door}


  1. Hi Amy - I'm new to the "blog everyday in May" link up (this is my first) and it's great fun to see new blogs and what everyone does. I love to crochet as well but normally only do it in the wintertime. Your work is quite lovely! I'm an outdoor gal 90% of the time in warm weather and our Spring is FINALLY here!

  2. I haven't found the one lap craft that I sink into like that, but isn't it interesting that it's possible to clear your head without leaving home.


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