Monday, May 4, 2015

HELLO Monday

Cate's asking us to say Hello to Monday and well I used to mark Mondays with Monday gratefuls, but when I lost my mojo for blogging a few months back, Monday Gratefuls got put in the too hard basket.

But what better time than any to welcome the new week than now?

So hello to a new school week- hopefully this week is as productive as last week, but we have a few extra school activities this week so it'll be hard.

Hello to B having 5 days off come Thursday. I'm extra excited about this since he has been pretty much working non stop for the past 3 weeks. I need the break and he needs a break too.

Hello to getting some work done behind the scenes at ASWC. I've got a new editorial calendar to put together amongst loads of other things.

And hello to continuing with my 30 Day Challenge for May.

{life behind the purple door}


  1. I'd forgotten about your gratefuls, Monday is definitely a good time to start them again!

  2. That five days off sounds like a great thing to be looking forward to!

  3. Waving hello from Texas - hope you have a great week!


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