Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Foods We Eat

So I'm still plodding along with this whole blog every day in May thing and todays prompt is food we eat. Well I've shared a fair bit on how we meal plan over the years and it's changed quite a bit.

At the moment we are still using the system I implemented in February. It's a weekly system and I use this printable.

If you click on the image you will be able to download it in a pdf if you think you might find it useful

As you can see I also list any baking that I plan to do on each day too. The menu plan starts on a Saturday because I shop on either Friday or Saturday each week. Our meals tend to change from week to week with a few favourites in rotation but I haven't just started doing on bulk meal a week. For example a fortnight ago we had lasagne on our meal plan so I made 4 at once and froze 3 for nights when we have netball or soccer etc so dinner is easy and I don't need to think about it. I've also got some homemade pies in the freezer at the moment too.

Coming into winter the slow cooker will also get a bit more of a workout. I do have a Thermomix, but the slowcooker comes in handy when I know I will have a busy afternoon and won't even have the time to put something in the thermi.

Do you menu plan? 

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