Thursday, April 30, 2015

30 Day Challenge: Bullet Journaling & Diarising {May2015}

After seeing the #the100dayproject hashtag all over Instagram recently I considered giving it a go, then I snapped out of it. There is just no way I would stick to something for 100 days in a row. That's just not me and I really didn't want to fake it by having to 'play catchup' all the time so I though a nice 30 Day Challenge would be totally do-able.

But then what did I want to do for 30 days? And then it hit me, I need to start planning more and actually completing my weekly diary, I've just been forgetting to much of late. 

So that's my challenge for May- Bullet Journalling and Diarising. 

Is this something you need to get on top of too? 

Maybe we could play along together and encourage each other? I'll be tagging all my Insta photos for this challenge with #actuallyamy30daychallenge and would love it if you could too. 

I'm only reasonably new to bullet journalling so you wont find in depth keys and different symbols to denote something. It's all bullet points at the moment. But after this months up I might have evolved into something more complex, but at the moment is are using the KISS philosophy (Keep It Simple Stupid). 

My bullet journal is also a part of my Kikki K Planner so I don't use my bullet journal section as a diary as such, it's just lists at the moment and a separate diary is found in another section of my planner. 

Are you completely new to bullet journaling? You can find my Journal and Planner Pinterest board here.

So who's in? It'll be very casual and I'll just be sharing how I'm going with it all over on Instagram

Any suggestions for what my 30 Day Challenge should be next month? 

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