Saturday, February 21, 2015

Prepare: Smoothies for A Week

My hormones went haywire after I had Darcy. I lost 12ish kilograms in the first 2-3 weeks after his birth and then promptly put it all back on again in the space of 3 weeks. It was horrible! I was clueless as my diet and water intake had been really good, I hadn't been moving much, but it just didn't make sense.

I spoke to my Doctor and he ran several blood tests and it showed that yes, my hormones were way more out of whack than they should be after having a baby and it showed that my PCOS was well and truly out of control.

We are currently playing with my medication and I am now extra extra vigilant with my diet. This is where my smoothies are coming in. I try to have porridge for breakfast most days but on some school mornings that is a little hard seeing as school starts at 8am here.

So enter the humble smoothie. Just whack it in the blender/thermomix and away I go.

A grocery shopping day I usually come home, unpack the groceries and then do up a few bags of the following for some quick smoothies:

  • Half a banana
  • 10is blueberries
  • 3-4 strawberries depending on size
  • handful of spinach

I just add them to ziplock bags and pop them in the freezer. Then when it is time for a smoothie I just pull them out of the freezer and blend them up with 250-300mls of unsweetened almond milk and 2 tablespoons of oats.

You can find heaps of other smoothie recipes the I use here: 31 Days of Smoothies

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