Friday, September 5, 2014

Pregnancy Update: Weeks 32, 33 & 34.

Well I certainly go behind in my pregnancy updates, didn't I!? I'm 35 weeks now and thought I better get the missing weeks documented asap before I'm down in Perth and possibly without internet access.

Now just to remember what the last 4ish weeks have been like... Well I've been losing my mind that's for sure. I'm forgetting everything, calling the dogs the kids names and calling the kids their siblings names and giving Caden his sisters pink lunchbox... just to name a few.

I'm sure I would forget my head if it wasn't attached to me.

This whole pregnancy I've felt pretty good though. Up until last week that is, I've hit a wall and I am just so so tired and sore. By mid-afternoon I have a duck waddle down pat and my feet have ballooned out to resembled footballs and not feet. But apparently my blood pressure is still normal so that's a good thing. It feels a little surreal to be at this point in my pregnancy and not doing weekly blood pressure checks and giving urine samples. For my previous pregnancies I've either had high blood pressure by this stage or the early stages of pre-eclampsia. But it looks like I might not have either of those things to deal with this time around.

Bubs is also starting to engage, hence the duck waddle. And my braxton hicks are getting more frequent and painful.

I thinks that's really all that's happened in the last few weeks, well apart from Ethan asking if we are going to Perth today EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING.

Hopefully I'll be organised enough to share a 35 week update in a few days time.

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