Sunday, July 13, 2014

The week that was

So that's the first week of school holidays over. It went pretty well actually, we did baking on 4 of the days and some craft activities on the other 3. But I barely took photo's of any of it, I was just enjoying the holidays. 

On Thursday I did have to head to hospital for a little while to have an iron infusion. It really took it out of me and I ended up sleeping a lot that afternoon. Thankfully the kids seemed to all need a rest too and they slept whilst I slept.

Mahli also lost a top front tooth a little too early... She was playing football with Caden and one rough tackle later she was bleeding and missing a tooth. We couldn't find the tooth in the grass that night, but she found it straight away in the morning. 

I also managed to fit in some more crochet and to also finish some pages in my pregnancy mini album. 

Let's hope this next week is just as good. 

1 comment :

  1. Oh woops. An early visit from the tooth fairy then :) Wishing you another great week xx


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