Monday, July 14, 2014

Pregnancy Update: Week 27

In the past week I've had several people say to me WOW, I didn't know you were pregnant... What you all just thought I was eating A LOT of cake this year? 

Anyhow, last week I ended up at the hospital for an iron infusion as my iron levels came back really low from my last blood test and the doctor was concerned that tablets wouldn't bring the levels up fast enough, so an iron infusion it was. 

The infusion itself wasn't that bad, just the putting in of the cannula. But that's never pleasant anyway. But once I got home from the infusion I was hit by an overwhelming wave of tiredness, I convinced Ethan to have a sleep with me and then Mahli ending up having a sleep too. Good thing they both did because I slept for 3 hours leaving Caden to his own devices. It was also a good thing that I'd been making freezer meals for the past few weeks because I woke at 6pm and B was just about to walk in the door and there was no dinner to be seen. Dinner was served by 6:30pm though thanks to the microwave. 

I felt so bad about leaving Caden unsupervised for 3ish hours, but he told me he was fine playing lego. And if he needed me he would have woken me up.

I'm now halfway through my 27th week and we are busy planning flights etc for when Ethan and I go to Perth and when B and the other two will join us. I so wish I could just have this baby here! Rural health in WA is a joke!!!

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