Thursday, July 17, 2014

Be Still And Know

  • Nothing bad will happen because the clothes aren't folded or the dishwasher isn't unloaded...
  • Nothing bad will happen because there are toys spread all over the loungeroom
  • Nothing bad will happen if you simply pack the kids up, walk out the door and head to the park instead of folding said clothes or unloading said dishwasher, infact only good can come of it.

It is true the saying 'the days are short but the years and long'. But even the years aren't very long and before you know it they will be flying the coup and you'll be left wondering why you worried about the dishes or the clothes or the toys so much.

I don't know about you but I need to stop worrying about the mess the kids make when they are having fun and just simply bask in the glory of them having fun AND making mess.

I need to get the paints out more often, let them go wild with the glitter... oh the glitter. Not worry about the playdough ending up in weird places about the house because nothing bad will come of it.

That's right, nothing bad will come of it. I need to say that to myself more often and focus on creating memories instead of worrying about mess. It'll be there for me to clean after our hearts are full from simply spending time with each other. And sometimes just being still and relaxing together is enough too.

And when you have had enough of the noise and you simply want to be still ALL BY YOURSELF, well nothing bad will come of that either.


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  2. Oh so true! Something I need to remember, x


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