Wednesday, May 21, 2014

WIPs Wednesday: Low Volume Baby Quilt

Well posting about my Dream On Quilt last week certainly worked in forcing me to suck it up and finish it. So this week I thought I would post about yet another quilt.

This one is only a few weeks old though, so nowhere near as overdue as the other one. This is my low volume baby quilt that is in the works for this baby. And all I would like to have done is the top pieced by the end of the weekend.

That sounds easy enough because I have pieced a fair bit of the blocks already. And I am chain piecing most of it so it should come together pretty fast.

Little White Dove


  1. It's looking so pretty! So can we expect another Saturday night finish for this one? If I keep hosting linkies and IG parties I could get you making a quilt a week!

    1. ha! Whilst that sounds great in theory, it's just not going to happen. Fingers crossed I do get this top finished this weekend though. But B is busy all weekend so not sure I'll get much sewing time.

  2. Love your fabric selection. It's very neutral and sweet.


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