Thursday, May 1, 2014

5 Fun Facts About Being Pregnant

1. You will test your pelvic floor muscles a lot during your first (and probably second trimester) when morning sickness strikes and then in the third trimester you will be testing them all over again because the size of your bladder will shrink dramatically due to the humungous baby pressing on it.

2. A simple task like brushing your teeth will probably set your gag reflex off and you will commence vomiting all over again. Say goodbye to fresh breath...

3. Your skin will think it's a teenager all over again.

4. Your sense of smell will have superpowers and you will be able to smell weird smells from miles away.

5. Every man and his dog will ask you if you know what your are having, these questions will commence as soon as the world knows you're pregnant.

What would you add to the list? 


  1. ha ha, awesome post! I have the most massive, long lasting zit in the history of the world.. thanks hormones!

    all the best Amy!


  2. aw gee that sounds-like-sooooo-much-fun! Where do I sign up!? Poor old thing - soooo what are you having? bbwhhahahaha!


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