Monday, March 10, 2014

Lala Salama Quilt Planning

You know me, the big procrastinator from way back! Well on my to do list for a while has been a charity quilt for a children's hospital in Kenya.

I have to get cracking on it as I need to post it by the end of the month! So far I have pulled the fabric and figured out a layout.

Oh and I have started cutting too, hopefully this weekend I can get to piecing it!

Do you procrastinate?


  1. I try not too! But, hey! At least you are still willing to help. This is a great opportunity, Amy. Love your fabric pull!

    1. Thanks Lorna.

      I am the queen of the last minute finish. I'd like to change that habit and be finished a head of time, but it just never happens. Other things always pop up.

      I have made some good progress though. Can't wait to share it.


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