Monday, January 13, 2014

{Getting Stitchy} Hopes, Dreams, Love

While away I managed to fit in some crafting time and I mainly packed some simple stitching as it's lightweight and extremely portable.

Some of that stitching was these simple word hoops.

I just need to get to the shops this week and I then I will be mounting them above our bed.

Do you take crafts with you on holidays?

P.S Please excuse the grainy instagram photos. I only used my phone for photo's for our whole trip as we were mainly at the beach and wasn't keen on getting sand in my big DSLR.

Sew Cute Tuesday


  1. Very cute! I usually do bring handwork with me on vacation. I go on vacation to relax and handwork relaxes me. I am stopping by from Sew Cute Tuesday.

  2. Cute hoops! I like the fabrics and the sweet embroidered words. I have taken hand stitching projects on car trips but for a beach vacation i usually take a book.

  3. I usually take a scarf I'm knitting and then never get around to knitting any of it - which is why the scarf has so far been a WIP for about 4 years!

  4. So sweet, Amy! I really hope to do some hand-stitching this year, expect some questions along the way!

  5. Like those very much. I always take projects away with me, I travel a lot and have to have something to hand to work on :D

  6. I love these. Can we see a photo when they are all hung up together :-)


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