Sunday, December 8, 2013

{Giveaway} Don't Let Mosquitoes Ruin Your Summer

A little while ago we ventured on a mini holiday to Exmouth to spend some time at the beach and for B to do some fishing. Living where we do now and coming from where we did we certainly miss the beach, water and all that it entails A LOT! So any chance we get to go to the beach we jump at.

But that trip also included a trip to the hospital due to two of the three kids having an allergic reaction to sand flies and mosquitoes. Even though they had insect repellent on the WHOLE time it just wasn't enough. So next time we head to Exmouth we will also be packing some Para'Kito packs. We have been using them around town this past week, and whilst there are only a few mozzies about, they haven't been bothering us whilst we have been wearing the Para'kito clips and wristbands.

The clips and wristbands give off a pleasant odour and is much less intrusive than smelly and often greasy insect repellents.

Para’Kito is a 100 percent natural eco-friendly mosquito protection device. As the number one seller in France, and much loved in 37 countries worldwide, Para’Kito™ is set to become a summer favourite here in Australia; an essential part of every suitcase, beach bag, hiking kit or tackle box. As a natural and safe alternative to other products on the market, Para’Kito™ is
ideal for adults, children, babies, pregnant women and allergy sufferers alike, as it has no direct contact with the skin, leaves no unpleasant odour and offers 24 hour protection from mosquitoes and insects.

A unique blend of seven essential oils including; lavender, geranium, citronella, pine tree, patchouli, clove and peppermint is infused into the heart of a polymer pellet, which slips easily into your Para’Kito™ wristband or clip.

These patented oils mask the presence of humans from mosquitos for 15 days effectively making the wearer invisible, even when coming in contact with water, eliminating the need for reapplying sticky chemical sprays. The Para’Kito™ clip is perfect for travel (it easily attaches to a backpack, belt, or can be hung inside a tent when sleeping) as well as for babies – just hang it from their pram or stroller, while the neoprene wristband offers comfort and style with a range of fun colours available.

The European quality product is both lightweight and completely waterproof, making it perfect for all Australian pastimes, whether you're camping in the Northern Territory, fishing off the coast of Western Australia, or simply enjoying a BBQ in Brisbane; with Para’Kito™ you'll never be left unprotected again!

And good news, I have one Para'Kito prize pack to giveaway.

Prize Pack Consisting of:
2 x Para'Kito clips - $24.95 each 

1 x Para'Kito wristband - $24.95 each

1 x refill - $14.95 

Total Value= $89.80 

All you need to do comment below and 
 tell me your horror mozzie story!

The most creative answer wins. The giveaway will be open until the 19th of December and winner will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to respond or the prize will be redrawn. 

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Disclaimer: I was sent a family pack of Para'Kito products to trial. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


  1. These sound great, Amy. How often do you have to replace the pellets? And are they hard to get here in Oz?

    I don't really have a horror story to tell, but there have been many occasions when I have come home with legs covered in bites because I didn't want to cover them with smelly goop!

    1. See I KNEW I forgot to add something to my post. The pellets last 15 days are you are able to purchase them from a lot of places, namely Chemists, Camping and Fishing Stores, Newsagents, Industrial Supply Stores. Pretty much anywhere really. Even my local chemists have said they will stock them :)

  2. My youngest son gets huge welts from mosquitos! At one point I searched his room, washed his sheets and pillows thinking some huge bug was biting him, finally a trip to the doctor revealed it was only mozzies lol. We are planning a huge camping trip to WA next year so these would really come in handy for my little guys.

  3. My mozzie story is actually from today! My little boy has these dots on his face. He first showed them a week ago. My wife and I were so worried he was coming down with an allergic reaction. There were lots of them and nasty red. I checked his bedroom for bugs and sure enough, mozzies. I went Mr Miyagi Aussie style, with thongs instead of chopsticks to kill the buggers.

    We went to a few gatherings with kids, showing parents how mental mozzie bites are these days. A week later they went away, but a few more had appeared today! I thought, a quick doctors check was in order, just to eliminate they are allergy rashes.

    The doctor today said "hmmm, they look very chicken pox like!" *facepalm*

    The mozzies are laughing in their graves. Even though, they are chicken pox like though, they are not chicken pox. Just a viral infection. The doc had me there for a minute! We will be letting everyone know though, just to be on the safe side. God damn mozzies, punking us!

  4. They look really great for kids! Poor Anna gets eaten alive every summer. They just seem to find here where ever she is. When she was 2 she got bitten on her face on Christmas eve so all our photos from Christmas that year look terrible, like the poor little thing was punched in the face, she had a huge red welt!

  5. Back in the 90's when I was doing my HSC, we all went to study camp and I got bitten 31 times and most of them were giant golf ball sized bumps. Never again will I go back there again.

  6. These buggers love sucking my blood, but the worst was when we went camping and I woke up to lumps all over my body and had to go to hospital for antihistamines to reduce the swelling

  7. Well mossies absolutely love me- I get covered in them. The bites turn into painful welts that last for days. The worst part is my husband contracted Ross River virus from a mozzie and has had chronic fatigue ever since as it never leaves your body. Really hope that doesn't happen to my kids. I also can't stand when a mozzie sneaks into the bedroom and buzzes around your head not letting you sleep.

  8. I have nothing beyond the usual REALLY ANNOYING mozzie bites, but my sister-in-law came home from Kokoda with MALARIA thanks to one little rotter.
    The doctors misdiagnosed it because it was the rarest strain that they don't routinely test for - she ended up with three hospital admissions and ongoing lethargy - the price for leading a school excursion... :(

  9. On the morning of my daughter's preschool photo day, I woke her up and to my horror, her eye was swollen shut by a horrible swell of the upper eyelid! Upon investigation it was an allergic reaction from mozzie bites all over her body! This occurred 3 times in the last month and we don't know what to do...Would love to try Para'Kito to see if it helps...

  10. We had some friends visiting from interstate, and invited them to join us at our shack near the beach. Their poor youngest daughter got attacked by mozzies. We have a lovely photo of the kids lined up for a photo, and her little face is very puffy, with big red bites.

  11. I have a mozzie bite right now, It's on the side of my foot and I keep scratching it on the leg of my computer desk! It's driving me nuts so I went searching for a solution and that's how I found your blog!

  12. Probably should put my email address in case I win!

  13. We went to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary on the Gold Coast on a slightly cloudy day, and the mozzies were so bad they were attacking us like no tomorrow! And of course I forgot the pack the Buzz-off spray! So I raced to the shop they had in the park only to find myself been ripped off so bad- $12 for a tiny roll on tube of bug off liquid! This marvellous product could have saved me that day!

  14. My daughter's first Christmas: the day we found out she was ALLERGIC to mosquito bites. What a day - sitting in the waiting room with the craziest Christmas Day accidents I have ever seen (I mean really, who gets impaled on BBQ tongs... BBQ TONGS of all things!!!). Trying to keep a baby calm while she is itchy and swollen and hungry. All for a sip of antihistamine. We have another baby now, she is 13mo, and I hope (pray!) that we don't have a repeat performance!


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