Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday Stash: Christmassy Goodness

So you have probably heard me whine about not living anywhere near a fabric or craft store... And if you haven't well lets get you up to speed.

The stats:
My closest Spotlight (major chain store) is 12 hrs away by car (without stopping)
My closest Lincraft is 16 hours away by car
My closest independent fabric store is 16 hours away also.

So I do A LOT of online shopping for fabric and craft supplies, but sometimes I also send my Mum shopping for me. It's a bit of a clueless adventure for my Mum as she doesn't sew or craft in any way shape or form.

But she did good recently, really good. And here is just some of the goodies she sent me.

Yep, that is 21 fat quarters of Christmassy goodness right there! Can't wait to cut into them and get making!

Thanks Mum!

I am linking up with The Floral Suitcase for Sunday Stash.


  1. Wow,I don't know where you live you it sounds amazing, must be so rural and quiet with only nature around you. You have some lovely fabrics, thank goodness for internet shopping

  2. Yes! Mama done good! Real good! Can't wait to see what you have planned for that stack of eye candy, Amy!

  3. awesome score!!!! way to go Mum!!!

  4. I am not ready for Christmas sewing! I like it, your mum feeding your fabric stash.


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