Friday, November 22, 2013

Sewing for Me: Zipper Pouch

On Friday I decided that I need to make myself a zipper pouch to hold my current embroidery work. It seems I have been bitten by the embroidery bug but I have nowhere to store my current projects.  Now deciding that I needed a zipper pouch is a big thing for me seeing as I HATE zippers. 

It took me a while to decide what fabric I wanted to use. But I finally decided on some Happy Go Lucky Charm Squares for the exterior and some yardage for the interior. 

I made some cheats half square triangles and them pieced them all together. Then followed the quilted zipper pouch tutorial from Sew Delicious to put it all together.

Putting the zipper in wasn't that bad, but I still don't like them.

But I do like my new zipper pouch. It is big enough to hold everything I need it too. 

Do you have a fear of zippers?

Sew Cute Tuesday


  1. Zippers petrify me! Oh, and button holes. Your pouch looks fantastic x

  2. It's lovely! I have some charm squares that I might make something for myself with. Very pretty and totally not what I would usually use but I love the fabric!

  3. The pouch looks great, and thanks for the cheats half square triangle tutorial - I'm all for shortcuts!

  4. It looks lovely Amy :)
    Nice and big - and I will have to try your cheaty triangles one day too!

  5. That looks like a very roomy pouch! Very useful too.


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