Thursday, November 14, 2013


That's how I feel right now. Just spent, I could sleep for a week and I don't think that it would do me any good.

I need the sun and some time spent outdoors, but it is just already so so hot. You can feel the heat at 7:45am as we are walking to school, the sun just beating down and burning us already. What I really need is some sea and salt water, but we won't get to do that until after Christmas.

So much stuff has been going on in the background here and I haven't been able to share most of it, so I just haven't been writing at all. But I miss it here, I miss those of you that pop in and comment here. But again, I just can't share most of it.

There are work related frustrations, my PCOS is kicking my ass again, family stuff, landlord stuff... the list just goes on.

I know everyone has their own dramas to deal with and I know life is hard for a lot of people a lot of the time. My life is just making me eternally cranky and I need to take a step back and just breathe. I need time to get my health and energy levels back to normal but I just can't find the time. Throw in a demanding three year old whose only way of expressing himself lately is screaming at me and well I feel like I might just lose my mind any second.

Every since my battle with post natal depression I have been more aware of my moods and what they mean for me. I can feel myself slipping quick. I just hope I can stop myself, and bring myself back from the brink...

I read something, somewhere yesterday that motherhood and exhaustion go hand in hand. I think that's true, but it can't be the only way.

What do you do to lift your moods? Do you think motherhood and exhaustion go hand in hand?


  1. So sorry things arent sailing as smoothly as youd like right now.
    I completely sympathise with the heat youre experiecing. I used to live in outback qld where it gets crazy dry hot in summer.
    Hope things improve for you soon hun and Im only an email or fb chat away if you need soneone to chat/vent to. Xo

  2. I don't think motherhood and exhaustion go hand in hand, at least not after the newborn months. But I hear you on events combining to completely drain you. I think the season doesn't help at all and magnifies everything. Everywhere people are talking about Christmas, and if there's uncertainties about a job or your home or money it's somehow worse if you don't know how things will lie come Christmas.
    I hope things start to feel better soon. I cling to the phrase "this too shall pass" and I guess we just have to remember that we are women, we are strong, and we WILL get through it. x


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