Friday, November 8, 2013

Five on Friday

1. Two of our neighbours have had snakes this week, so today we are making sure that there are no snake hidey holes anywhere near our house and getting rid of our compost. As much as I love having a functional compost patch, well I dislike snakes more. One of the snakes that was found near us this week was a Gwarda  one of the most highly venomous snakes there is. Funnily enough it was found in a compost bin

2. Caden received a merit certificate for excellence in numeracy on assembly yesterday. He was proud as punch.

3. Both Caden and Mahli have had school swimming lessons for the last 2 weeks at school and by all reports they are doing really well. They both swam 50 metres freestyle the other day too. Being 5 and 7 years old I think that's a great achievement.

4. We got Ethan kindy enrollment information in the mail today...

5. We have been doing a fair bit of Christmas crafting lately. I've shared some of it over at ASWC and am hoping to get some finished this weekend so I can share a bit more.

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