Thursday, October 10, 2013

Vlamingh Head Light House

The Exmouth/Ningaloo Coastline really is a beautiful part of the Australian Coastline and like I said the other day, I really can't wait to visit there again soon.

One our third day there we ventured up to Vlamingh Head Light House and the view from up there was spectacular! 


When I visit places like this I don't mind that we are living in Western Australia. WA still isn't home for us, but holidays like this remind me of home and make living here so much easier.

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  1. hopefully you will get to go south and see some really lovely coastline - WA is crazy isolated isn't it? Mr G's family live over there and we sometimes have to go over there, about day 3 I start feeling panicked and weirdly isolated. But enjoy your adventure, you are making memories for a lifetime xxx


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