Friday, October 25, 2013

Five on Friday

I've lost my blogging mojo at the moment... so here are 5 quick things that happened this week.

1. Miss Mahli received a virtue certificate for peacefulness this week. She might be a peaceful child at school, but she certainly isn't at home...

2. My body has been reminding me about my PCOS situation and it has certainly been kicking my ass and screwing with my head (hence the lack of blogging mojo)

3. After months of trying to figure out if we want to send Ethan to kindy next year we found out yesterday that if he want him to go to kindy at all he needs to go next year or he will miss out altogether. It seems the Western Australian school system is the most inflexible in the whole country. To say I am pissed that the option has been taken out of our hands in an understatement. I am 99.9% sure that is isn't ready for the style of kindy they offer here but if he doesn't go to that he has to go straight into 5 full days a week of Pre-Primary having had no experience of the school environment...

4. B is working today, it is supposed to be his day off. He also has to work Sunday and Monday too. They are supposed to be his days off also. Again, pissed about that. (Are you seeing a trend here??) But at least he is home tomorrow to take Caden to cricket as Caden has been really looking forward to that.

5. It's Friday! So I have to at least me happy about that?

How did your week treat you?

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