Wednesday, October 2, 2013

DIY: Family Initials Wall Art

Back in June I shared two tutorials, one on And Sew We Craft

and on here on Actually Amy.

They were for two versions on monogrammed hoop art. The plan was for me to create family initial wall and well, last week I finally finished it. I know, slack!

The reason it wasn't all finished in June was because I had to order some new hoops as I had completely run out and there is nowhere for me to buy them locally.

They arrived in July and simply sat on my shelf. But my Mother in Law is here for a visit and she needed to sleep in my craft room so I had to clean up. And part of cleaning up meant finishing some half done projects.

But it took all of 10 minutes to finish them and hang them up on our wall.

And the kids love it. And so do I!

Now to work on the rest of the walls in this house. They all need some serious colour on them!


  1. Really great effect! It would take forever to make them for my family of 8!

    1. They are really really quick to put together. If I had all my supplies handy they wouldn't have taken more than two hours to put together and hang and that is including the hand stitching on the last name initial.

      Amy x

  2. Gorgeous - I think they are great and would love to do something similar.


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