Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Slash That Stash Update

Well I am now over halfway through my slash that stash month and I am pleased to report that I have made NO fabric purchases this month.

I have also made a small dent in my fabric stash with many more projects planned.

I used 12 fat quarters for these napkins:

 A little less than a metre of fabric for the wiksten tank:

Some knit that has been sitting in my stays for AGES!

And some gorgeous American Jane Punctuation fabric for this apron:

Have you been slashing your stash too? What have you been creating?


  1. I just pulled some charm squares and an old sheet to whip up a lap quilt for Riley, hopefully I can get started in the next week

  2. Oh they all look fantastic.

    I'm not really slashing my stash but I'm certainly using what I have to sew for my next markets. That counts right?

    But I am going to sew something for me and I don't think I have any fabric long enough to do something. Oh dear I might need to buy!!!

    1. I’m organising my fabric right at this minute, Jane and I have just discovered even MORE fabric. I think I could probably sew for a year without having to buy anything. And that includes fabric to make myself clothes!

      Oh the shame :P

      Amy x

  3. Lovely additions to your wardrobe Amy, you certainly have transformed part of your stash into nice pieces.


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