Sunday, September 1, 2013

Slash that Stash: A month of stash only sewing

For the next month I am going to be sewing items for myself, my children or my house using ONLY fabric from my stash.

And well a month is a long time to only be using stash fabric... Yes I have A LOT of fabric and since we have limited space in this house I really need to reduce it a little.

Not a lot, but the other reason I want to do that is because I have some fabric that has been sitting there since about 2008... That's a long time!

Will you join me in slashing that stash and commit to a month of stash only sewing?

If sharing on instagram be sure to use the hashtag #slashthatstash


  1. Hi Amy :)
    Ive been trying to only use things from my stash for a month now and its going pretty well :D
    Although I do have an order that requires pink felt - which I've run out I will be heading to the shops to purchase that (and hopefully only that) at some point...

  2. That's great Emma! My problem is that I just keep buying pretty fabric! I really need to just use what I have first! But I just can't resist the pretty fabric :P


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