Saturday, September 28, 2013

Crochet Along Update aka Amy's awful eyesight...

The crochet along has been going on for over a month at ASWC and so many people have made great progress on their blankets. Me, not so much.

I am only 4 rows in. Sad I know! The thing is my I recently found out I was long sighted and that is why all hand work has been a painful experience for me lately. My eyes were getting tired really really fast and I was ending up with awful headaches ALL. THE. TIME.

So I have always been putting it off because I knew that the headaches and sore eyes would be coming not long after I started.

I had my eyes checked a few weeks ago and received a call the other day to say that my glasses are still a few weeks away (the beauty of living in a remote location!) So crochet and me won't be buddies again until my glasses arrive.

And then I can also finish a few more projects that require some hand sewing! Yay!

Do you wear glasses? When was the last time you had your eyes checked? Do you crochet?


  1. Yes I wear glasses. I'm short sighted but need to wear them all the time. I get them check every 12 months to 2 years. They were continually getting worse and worse but I haven't changed the last few check ups. I tend to take advantage of free glass through my health fund though (seriously have to spend that money somehow) so get new ones each year. Yes I crochet but like you I have progressed in the crochet along. Like haven't started lol. I have the wool ready to go though. That counts right?

    1. Haha! Well that makes me feel better about my progress!

      My healthfund was pretty good with my glasses, I got most of the money back. They were expensive up here in the Pilbara. I am going to get my eyes check again when I go to Perth in a few months and try some specsavers glasses.


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