Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It's been quiet in these parts

Well it's been quiet here on the blog, but not so quiet in real life, which I guess it is why it has been so so quiet here on the blog.

My Grandparents came to visit us for a fortnight and whilst they have been here before, we still wanted to explore parts of this region with them again.

We headed over to Mount Sheila to check out the view, we had picnics, we had BBQs, we went out to dinner and we checked out the annual festival that came to town. They picked a great time to visit actually. The weather was fab, and there was plenty to do and see.

And well, I put down my phone and camera for most of it, so don't have many photos to share from our time together. But boy do we have plenty of memories. My Grandparents aren't getting any younger and I am so blessed that my kids have gotten to know them so so well.

I only remember one of my Great Grandparents, and she died when I was 11 so I remember some good times with her. I am so glad my kids will have memories of their Great Grandparents.

Okay, I am getting homesick again, so I'll leave it at that!

Were you lucky enough to know your Great Grandparents?


  1. How lovely is it that they can visit and stay so long. My grandparents aren't well enough for travel and I so wish they were.

  2. I wish my kids can get to meet their great grandparents living in Lebanon but it wont be possible. We are not travelling their at any time and they can't come here. But they do know my grandmother well that lives in Australia.

  3. Yes, I was!! I have great memories of all my grandparents and even my great grandmother on my mom's side!! And my kids have been blessed with the best grandparents I know, my husbands parents, whom I claim as my own!! No horrible in-law stories from me!!!


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