Thursday, August 15, 2013

A new addition

After losing Angus we weren't going to add another dog to our family. His loss hit us hard and I still blame myself for what happened. I let him down, if only I had been home that morning, if only I hadn't missed taking them for their walk the day before. If only...

I have been beating myself up over the if only's since it happened. But a little over a week ago a little 7 week old Border Collie cross came in to the care of the local foster caring organisation and well it was agreed that we would look after him for a while and if we decided to keep him then that would be okay.

And well it seems that we are leaning towards keeping him. I mean, how could you not love that face??

Our main priority is Bella girl, and she has mostly welcomed him in our home. She is a bit short with him sometimes, but that is expected. 

And if we continue to treat both of them how we are currently, with Bella getting pats first, fed first etc and giving Bella time away from him and with us when she needs it that things should continue to progress for the better in no time. 

How long did you wait before adding another pet to your family after losing a much love furry friend?


  1. Very cute!
    We haven't replaced any pets we've lost yet. Apart from the love bird and that was pretty quick cause no one had had much time to bond with the old one sadly (or perhaps fortunately?).
    It's always hard introducing new pets though especially dogs. Hope it all goes well for you.


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