Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Amazings: Make Your Own Natural Beauty Products

Yesterday I shared the paper piecing course that I just completed and today I want to talk about another great course I am currently completing over at The Amazings.

This course is called Make Your Own Natural Beauty Products and well so far I am loving it. I haven't had a chance to fully complete it yet as I am still waiting on some ingredients to arrive in the mail as I haven't been able to source them locally (which is no surprise really) but once I do I will be making the following:

Lip Balm
Moisturising Face Cleaners
Face Mask
Body Scrub
Lavender Water

I am really excited to try out these products as lately I have been spending a small fortune on skin care products because of the several hormonal breakouts I get every month.

If you are interested to taking the course, below is a video with some more info.

Do you make any of your own skincare? 

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