Friday, July 19, 2013


We are coming up to the end of the school holidays. The first week was spent without seeing B pretty much at all as he was on night shift ALL week. He would come home in the morning and crawl into bed just before we would get up for the day then get up late afternoon get dressed and leave again.

It left the kids and myself begging for some B time. And so today we are all excited that he will be home for the next four days. So since I'll be signing off for the weekend (and since I haven't popped in here since Monday) I thought I would share some pictures from the week.

The kids did a lot of craft and put on a puppet show for us.

Gus chewed through he bed of only TWO weeks... needless to say I need to do some shopping for him. We can't let him go bedless. 

I did some Christmas in July themed sewing...

And us Queenslander lost our voices a bit on Wednesday.

And have looked like this ever since! QUEENSLANDER!

You can takes us out of Queensland, but you can't take the Queenslander out of us.

Happy Friday! Hope you have a great weekend!

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