Thursday, June 6, 2013

Green thumb

We are trying our hands and growing some of our own vegetables again. We had a small vegie garden back in Queensland, but so far nothing here. And I was getting really sick of not being able to buy something as simple as baby spinach every time I wanted it.

So so far we have planted a small selection of herbs, some chillies, tomatoes and we are waiting for out spinach and lettuce to sprout. On and I planted some dwarf sunflowers too, just because they are pretty.

I also bought some of the little gardener range for the kids. They have a lolly plant (stevia) and some strawberries. I bought myself some strawberries too. And thankfully all have sprouted so far. Those plants are all living on a windowsill inside at the moment and I don't want to freeze them!

Fingers crossed I managed to keep them all alive!


  1. I love the little seedling pots where did you get them from?
    Shell :)

    1. Hi Shell,

      I picked these ones up from K-Mart, but you can also order them online from

      Amy x

  2. Good luck!! We grew basil last year and it went beserk! This year we've got tomatoes planted, and I keep nagging my husband to get some basil, so hopefully this weekend. The tomatoes are thriving too, with lots of little green tomatoes popping up, so hopefully we'll have a summer of beautiful homemade pasta sauce!


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