Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cluck Cluck

A few weeks ago over on And Sew We Craft it was baby week. It was to celebrate the fact the Cate was in the last few weeks of her pregnancy. Over there I shared some things that I recently made for my cousins new baby. But while I was making those gifts I was also making some things for Cate.

And well she is now in the last week of her pregnancy and she has received the gifts I sent to her now so I can share them here.

The package included these cute little baby pants that I made for her.

And I packaged them up with a bib and a onesie that I had made a little while ago too.

Do you give handmade gifts often?


  1. They are gorgeous!! I always do handmade gifts for bubs now - you can personalise them so much more.

  2. Adorable! As you know... I'm all about baby projects at the moment. hehe :)

  3. So cute, homemade gifts are something that really depends on the person...some people get the work and are happy to take care of them...others I'd rather buy something than know they will ruin my hard work (knitted items in the dryer...yikes!)

  4. Awwww very cute. Handmade goodies are the best.

  5. Handmade gifts are the best. Love giving and receiving them! Love the pink fabric, would love a skirt in that print!


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