Wednesday, May 15, 2013

{Tutorial} Super Easy Place Mats {Part 2}

Yesterday I showed you how I made the 'quilt sandwich' for my place mats now I am going to show you how I made the scrappy single fold binding for them.

What you need:

Charm Squares or scrap fabric
Rotary Cutter or Scissors

How to:

Cut strips to 2.5 inches wide.

Sew the strips together end to end

Fold sewn strip in half  and iron flat.

I made a rookie mistake here! So please disregard the fact that I have stitched the binding onto the back! You should be stitching it on the front. I have no idea why I did it this way!

Now it's time to sew your binding to the front of your place mat. Start in the middle of one of the long side remembering to keep a longish tail for joining the binding. 

 When you get to a corner fold the binding away from the place mat at a 45 degree angle and then fold it back in line with the edge (hopefully the next photo explains it better)

Now start to sew down your binding. When you get to your corners, sew up until the corner then flip the folded binding in the other direction so that you don't sew down the overlapped binding for the mitred corners.

 Flip the place mat over and pin/clip the binding in place making sure to fold the corners correctly. Then start sewing it in place. You could hand stitch it if you like, but I'm too impatient for that.

 And your done!

Now it's time to do the rest :)

The coasters pictured are made using this tutorial. And for Part 1 of this tutorial go here.

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