Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Top 5 Family Movies

We are starting to implement some Family Fun Nights here and one of the things we were hoping to do was incorporate it into a regular family movie night.

We have a few movies that we enjoy watching with the kids. Some are recent movies and some our ones from our childhood.

Cool Runnings- We recently introduced the kids to this and they loved it from the get go.

Meet The Robinsons- This is a Disney movie that the whole family enjoys.

Cheaper By The Dozen 1 and 2- Okay that is two movies, but they are both fab and Steve Martin is hilarious!

Daddy Daycare- Eddie Murphy is hilarious in this and the kids love it.

Yogi Bear- We have been watching this a lot lately. The kids couldn't believe that it was a cartoon that B and I watched as children and now it is a movie. We all love watching it and watching Ethan's facial expressions during this movie is pretty priceless!

What are you favourite family movies?


  1. Angels in the Outfield was a favourite. Our boys watched Battle Of Britain hundreds of times, as adults it was the first DVD they bought for themselves when they left home. they are both plane nuts, and one of them is in the RAAF, I'm not sure many children would be as keen to watch it over, and over.Operation Dumbo Drop was another one. I'm a lot older than you, and my babies are all grown now, we thought we were pretty flash when we saved enough to buy a video player. Thinking about movies I've remembered my sister and I loved the movie The Three Lives of Thomasina, I'm going to go on a search and see if it's possible to buy it, Thomasina was a cat,oh what a lovely memory, thanks for that. Dawn Taylor

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