Wednesday, May 15, 2013

KCW: PJ Pants

So I know that Kids Clothes Week was weeks ago. And well I didn't really do everything I had planned to during KCW. My Mum was here on holidays, so I couldn't do much.

But I did make three pairs of PJ pants, so that's got to count for something, right?

I tried to snap picture of the kids in their new PJ's but well only Mahli would co-operate and that was only for about a minute on an overcast day...

So you will just have to accept these photos.

The pattern I used was by Sew Jereli and can be found here. The pattern only goes up to a size 5 so for Caden's pants I just added about 2 inches to the whole pattern, there was no science to it. I just eyeballed the pattern and cut around it to how big I thought I needed it to be... And it worked, yippee!

I sew pants a little different to the tutorial that Toni shares in her pattern post. I sew the legs first and then put on leg inside the other right side together to sew the crouch. It works the same as Toni's tutorial though.

I have also sewn some more pants based on this pattern I will hopefully share them later this week, with better photos! Promise. 

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