Thursday, May 9, 2013

In my bag

I bought myself a new bag a few weeks ago, my old faithful was getting a tad, well old.

So I thought it was time to update. My new bag is Orange and gorgeous and not to mention pretty clean at the moment too!

So I thought now would be a pretty good time to share what exactly is in it!

My diary
A zipper pouch- in it is some lip balm and some tweezers and a mirror
My Purse
A receipt
Lincraft Card

Whats in your handbag at the moment? It is tidy or is it like my bag usually looks, full of random kid things and crumbled biscuits?


  1. My bag has lots of crumbs in the bottom. And a couple of muesli bars (for me) along with numerous pens, pencils, paper, pregnancy record, receipts... Oh gosh, too much junk to photograph!

    1. Give me a few weeks Cate and I am sure my handbag will resemble yours too.

  2. yeah ... my family has always called it the "Black Hole" Or "Kitchen Sink" .. and yet .. whenever anyone needs bandaids, bandages, paracetamol, ibuprofen, hair ties, nail file, hand held fan, tissues .. or goodness knows what else they're mighty happy to recieve it ! :)

    1. Yours sounds like a well-stocked handbag! Which reminds me I need to pop some paracetamol, hair ties, tissues and bandaids in mine. Someone always needs them.


  3. yeah,mine is pretty gross at the bottom too, found some sultanas amongst the crumbs the other day too :( bleuch .... have decided to chuck it and buy a new one when I go back to work, being on Mat leave I use the nappy bag as a handbag mostly these days anyway!


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