Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Because I don't already have enough projects on the go...

Yes, that's a long title. But it was the only thing in my head when I started writing this post.

This morning I managed to fit in a bit of sewing and instead of finishing something I have already started I decided to start something new...

In my defense I have been hanging on to these charm squares of Dream On for a long long time. I love them so so much.

Well anyway I decided to make quilt out of them, maybe a lap sized one, maybe bigger. I haven't actually done the math yet...

It is just going to be a simple coin quilt with white sashing and borders.

I've cut up 3 charm packs so far and started sewing the rectangles together. I do have another charm pack sitting there tempting be to cut it up too.

Let's see how long this project takes to finish...

I promise that I will be finishing one quilt on the weekend. I have everything ready to finish it. I just want to wait until I have a large block of time available to do it.

So how many unfinished projects to you have at the moment??


  1. I don't even sew very much and I have HEAPS of unfinished projects! I have some cushions that I NEED to finish, mainly because I need the washing basket that all the bits and pieces in back!

    I have a way of sewing until I need to unpick something, then I get disheartened and then move on to something else... Need to get on to those cushions again!

  2. I hope you finished, those are great fabrics and a coin quilt will be perfect to showcase them!

  3. I'm halfway through my first ever attempt at quilting. I chip away at it every weekend but I'm figuring it out as I go so it's a bit of trial and error. So far I haven't had any major errors to unpick (touch wood!). I'm hoping to have it done by the end of June...


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