Saturday, April 6, 2013

Stitching is good for the soul

I've been one great big ball of stress and tension this last few weeks. I can feel it in my head, neck and right down to my soul.

I've been short with the kids and just a big ball of cranky. We have a lot going on at the moment and that is contributing to my moods. But what has been calming me down is being creative.

It always does. But this is a new way of being creative for me, I am only knew to stitching.

I have been working on my kits that I bought myself back in January..

The act of stitching is calming, it's slow, repetitive. Up, down. In and out. It's slows my mind and calms my thoughts.

It's just perfect for me at the moment.

What calms you down and clears you head?


  1. I love stitching too. I haven't done any for almost two years, I have to be really inspired though to start, but once I do, I am focused until it is finished :)

  2. I love that song & Edward Sharp and The Magnetic Zeros. I love that stitch kit, so cute! Love the colours.


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