Friday, April 19, 2013

Road Tripping: Perth Zoo

Warning: Photo overload coming up!

When I said we crammed a lot into our mini break, I wasn't joking. On Monday we headed to the Perth Zoo. B is lucky enough to get free tickets for the Zoo through his work, so we certainly weren't going to miss that opportunity!

These are only a few of the photo's from the Zoo. I have a load more. And did you notice Ethan with a camera? Well, we also have a load of photos of every ones bottoms too. And I mean a LOAD! Today I am thankful for digital cameras! Can you imagine how many spools of film he would of wasted on peoples bottoms if digital cameras didn't exist?

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  1. We love the zoo and being not such a long trip for us will probably be going again this school holidays its always a great day out. So funny with your little one and the camera my little ones love the camera they take so many photos and i must admit some really good pics have come from them but also alot of not so good ones to i am also very thankful for digital cameras :0)


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